jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

Jordi is back!

He's back from Argentina and Chile. After spending 4 weeks in South America, he's arriving to NYC again just to pick up his luggage and then he'll go back home to Barcelona.
We practically landed in the US together. I met him randomly in the East Village, while I was speaking on the phone. Suddenly, I heart two people talking in Catalan and I couldn't avoid stopping them. When you are away, you feel closer to the ones speaking your mother tongue even if they have nothing else in common with you. Actually, Jordi and his friend Magali (the one he was speaking with while walking on the streets) seemed no to have much in common with me... But then, day after day, I discovered they had this kind of ambition, projects, plans in life, and even though they are only 19, I started to feel so comfortable when spending time together with them.
Magali had to leave New York before she expected, but Jordi stayed and we became really close friends. I could say he has been one of the nicest people I've met in the City that never sleeps. One of these people who has a goal, who has that cool energy, a good vibe, a sense for art, a well-built brain, a conversation to share.
New York won't only remain in my mind for the times I spent here, but also for those I met.