martes, 10 de junio de 2008

Wish list before leaving New York

1. To walk around the Meatpacking District. Only been there once. Can you believe it? I'm an East girl, defo!!
2. Trip to Washington
3. Trip to Boston
4. Trip to Chicago
5. To discover those little spots recommended by my colleague Paco from the office
6. Madonna
7. Steak at Gallagher's
8. To go to Top of the Rocks and to the top of the Empire again
9. To rooftop
10. To attend the GayPride (it lasts 1 week!)
11. To spend a night in a cool hotel
12. To take a pic of the Dakota Building
13. To see NYC from the North of Jaqueline's lake at Central Park
14. To go to a night party at MoMA
15. To visit the Little Italy at Bronx (it seems it more authentic that the one in Manhattan, which is actually full of tourists and visitors)
16. To take the train to Fire Island
17. To visit the Cloisters
18. To go for a walk in Harlem (West part)
19. To go to any seen-on-TV lounge (let's say Marquee?)
20. To leave the City after having done it all :))